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How to Make an Avocado Mousse Dessert

Our Pastry Chef, Kasra Ajdari, shares his recipe for a California Avocado Mousse with cucumber, lychee, watermelon, and gazpacho sorbet.

Avocado Mousse


2 ripe avocado
125 grams crème fraiche
lime juice, to taste
salt, to taste


– Peel and pit avocado.
– Place avocado in a blender with crème fraiche, and blend until smooth.
– Season with salt and lime juice.

Compressed Watermelon


Half of a seedless watermelon
Simple syrup
Sherry vinegar


– Remove rind from melon, and slice melon into 1 inch thick slices.
– Place in cryo-vac bags with enough simple syrup to cover and a splash of sherry vinegar. Vacuum the watermelon, removing 100% of the air, remove from the bags and cut into cubes.

Watermelon Gazpacho Sorbet

Sorbet Base Ingredients

42 grams sugar
7 grams cremodan sorbet stabilizer
378 grams sugar
391 grams water
182 grams glucose powder


– Combine the first amount of sugar with stabilizer, set aside.
– Combine remaining ingredients in a pot, whisk constantly while heating to 65 C.
– Whisk in sugar/stabilizer mix, and continue whisking while heating mixture to 85 C.
– Chill on ice.

Gazpacho Ingredients

1000 grams watermelon
150 grams cucumber
100 grams red bell pepper
100 grams tomato
25 grams shallot
salt, to taste
sherry vinegar, to taste


– Make the gazpacho by blending all ingredients until smooth.
– Season with salt and sherry vinegar.
– Pass through a chinois to remove any pulp or skin that wasn’t blended.
– Add enough sorbet base so that the mixture reaches 32°Bx on a refractometer.
– Churn in a batch freezer or freeze and spin in a PacoJet.

Final Plating


Avocado Mousse
Compressed watermelon cubes
Watermelon gazpacho sorbet
Freeze dried lychee
Cucumber ribbons


– Spread the mousse on the plate with the back of a spoon.
– Place a few watermelon cubes on the mousse.
– Place cucumber ribbons around the watermelon.
– Crumble freeze dried lychee over plated ingredients.
– Finish with gazpacho sorbet.


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