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10 Things You May Not Know About Redbird | Vibiana Pastry Chef Kasra Ajdari

1 – Kasra was born and raised in Hollywood.
2 – He was inspired to become a chef after watching Julia Child and Nancy Silverton make olive sourdough bread.
3 – Kasra has been the pastry chef at Redbird since its opening in 2015.
4 – He could not function in the kitchen without flour or a scale.
5 – Surprisingly, Kasra is not an avid eater of dessert, but his first choice has always been pineapple upside down cake.
6 – Given his love of citrus, his favorite produce season is winter.
7 – Outside of work, Kasra can be found watching sports, live or on television.
8 – His most loved Los Angeles neighborhoods are Echo Park and the Arts District.
9 – Kasra and his daughter share in a weekly tradition of going to the movies together.
10 – His daughter is the only person he bakes cakes for outside of Redbird.

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