Blog Post: Life & Thyme Presents | Over Coffee | Saturday, July 27

Life & Thyme Presents | Over Coffee | Saturday, July 27

On Saturday July 27, 2019 Redbird | Vibiana hosted Life & Thyme for Over Coffee, an ongoing talk series making sense of the world—with coffee. The session featured a panel of experts to discuss topics and ideas centered around food, hospitality, creativity and social issues in order to better understand the things that matter most to our community at a grassroots level.

Los Angeles has been represented by the Los Angeles Times since 1881. The city’s paper of record is an institution that has changed and informed the lives of many throughout its long history. Today, the city’s vast and diverse food scene is treated to The Times’ high-quality journalism, with award-winning restaurant critics and comprehensive coverage of issues important to diners and industry professionals alike in a revived stand-alone food section and expanded digital features.

The session was moderated by Life & Thyme Founder / Editor-in-Chief Antonio Diaz in conservation with Andrea Chang, LA Times Deputy Editor; Jenn Harris, LA Times Senior Staff Writer; Lucas Kwan Peterson, LA Times Columnist; and Ben Mims, LA Times Cooking Columnist, to discuss the paper’s evolution and inner-workings of its celebrated food section.

Guests were provided with coffee from Verve and pastries from Redbird.

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