Blog Post: The Garden at Redbird | Vibiana

The Garden at Redbird | Vibiana

Chef Neal Fraser and Amy Knoll have added a garden on-site at Redbird | Vibiana, a career long dream of theirs. The 6,000 square foot space is located just behind the cathedral on land shared with the Little Tokyo Library.

A multi-faceted endeavor, the garden is an additional private dining space for weddings, parties, brunches, dinners and more. In addition, it serves as a source of various ingredients for use on the restaurant menu and a place that gives back to the community through a public-private partnership with the Little Tokyo Library and support of other local organizations.

A wealth of vegetables, fruits, and herbs are currently growing and will change seasonally, including passion fruit, Japanese plums, and honey nut squash from Chef Dan Barber’s plant breeding project at Cornell University. Green Manzanillo olive trees line the garden’s perimeter. The space also houses an outdoor oven for pizzas and roasting meats, whole fish and vegetables. The Frasers and their team are composting and have also implemented an Aquaponics system to further self-sustain parts of the project.

In addition to the public-private partnership with the Little Tokyo Library, support is in progress with other local organizations to build programs that give back to the community through educational opportunities for youth and an available model prototype for urban growing.

Landscape architect Kathleen Ferguson is instrumental in the design, build and growth of the Redbird | Vibiana garden. Ferguson is a horticulturist, certified arborist, and landscape designer, practicing in Los Angeles. Her studio, Kathleen Ferguson Landscapes, focuses on designing significant and unique outdoor environments for both public and private clientele. Her landscapes embody minimal and modern design sensibilities within environmentally aware settings.

To learn more about hosting an event in The Garden, click here.

An evening view of the garden

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