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Redbird Wine Flights

Redbird Wine Director Ben Teig introduces wine flights with four different Grenaches that are made by the same winery Celler de Capçanes in Montsant, Spain. The grapes are picked and crushed on the same day and aged and bottled in the same way—the main difference is in the soil. Sand, clay, limestone, or slate, the unique terrain in which the grapes are grown give each wine its distinct taste.

The grapes grown in sand tend to be very porous and retain less water, creating the lightest bodied of the four wines; it has the most fragrant and floral nose of bright red fruit.

Clay makes the earthiest of the wines. The grapes retain a lot of water, making it the second lightest in body with brooding fruit that is powerful with some bright acidity.

Grapes that are grown in Limestone make the most tannic wine. The sun reflects the high daytime heat which causes the grape skins to be thicker. This wine goes into black fruit creating a medium-plus body.

Lastly, slate is the fullest bodied of the four wines with deep red fruit and absorbs the most heat during the day. This wine has nice tannin but is silkier and less intense than the limestone.

Join us at Redbird and taste through all four to see how soil can make each wine unique.

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