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10 Things You May Not Know About Redbird | Vibiana Chef de Cuisine Jason Bowlin

1 ­­– Jason began his culinary career at a breakfast restaurant called La Baguette in Norman, Oklahoma when he was 19.
2 – He got his first job in Los Angeles in 1993 ­– via a newspaper ad and a fax machine – at Wolfgang Puck’s Café at Universal City Walk.
3 – Jason first met Chef Neal Fraser on the roof of Boxer in 1994 fixing a water pump. They’ve been close friends ever since.
4 – Jason spent four and a half years as a line cook at Puck’s Granita in Malibu.
5 – The first time Jason and Neal officially worked together was at Jimmy’s II in Beverly Hills in 1999.
6 – He worked with the Frasers at both Grace and BLD.
7 – Jason helped Neal beat Kat Kora on Iron Chef America as his sous chef for the competition in 2005.
8 – Amy Knoll Fraser set Jason up on a blind date with his wife Karie back in 2007. They have 2 children aged 8 and 6.
9 – He ran the Los Angeles Marathon in under four hours this year. 3:45 to be exact.
10 – Jason is an avid hiker, camper and stamp collector.

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