Blog Post: Ancient Chinese Secret Recipe by Tobin Shea | The Silk Road Cocktail Collection

Ancient Chinese Secret Recipe by Tobin Shea | The Silk Road Cocktail Collection

Follow Redbird Bar Director Tobin Shea’s simple instructions below for the Ancient Chinese Secret cocktail. Inspired by one of the most prized teas along the Silk Road, Lapsang Sourchong tea, the Ancient Chinese Secret cocktail combines Chinese Five Spice, a blend of star anise, clove, cinnamon, Sichuan pepper, and fenel seeds to create a masterfully balanced and smoky cocktail.

Ancient Chinese Secret
12 oz Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon
6 oz Five Spice Orange Oleo Sacchrum*
3 oz Lustau Olorosso Sherry
3 1/2 oz Chilled Lapsang Oolong Tea
Orange Twist

Combine all ingredients and bottle. Chill, and serve over ice with an orange twist.

*Five Spice Oleo Sacchrum
2 liters Five Spice Tea Syrup**
1/2 liters Orange Oleo Sacchrum***

**Five Spice Tea Syrup
6 Chinese Cinnamon Sticks
12 Star Anise Pods
10 whole Cloves
28 grams Fennel Seeds
28 grams Sichuan Pepper
2 liters Water
½ Sugar by volume

Combine the first 6 ingredients, bring to boil. Reduce to simmer and reduce by 50%. Weigh and add half the weight of sugar.

***Orange Oleo Sacchrum
50 grams Orange peels
200 grams Sugar
Equal parts pressed Orange Juice

Place orange peels and sugar in a non-reactive bowl. Mix until thoroughly incorporated, let sit over night to allow essential oils from the peels work into the sugar. Weigh and add equal parts orange juice, strain, bottle, and refrigerate.

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