Blog Post: Mentor | Mentee Guest Chef Dinner with Chef Brandon Skier aka Sad Papi Featuring Dishes from his National Bestselling Cook Book “Make it Fancy”

Mentor | Mentee Guest Chef Dinner with Chef Brandon Skier aka Sad Papi Featuring Dishes from his National Bestselling Cook Book “Make it Fancy”

Join us for the first in our series of Mentor | Mentee Guest Chef Dinners featuring Chef Brandon Skier aka Sad Papi. The series is an homage to Chef Neal’s teachers as well as those who have learned from him. We’re honored to host Chef Brandon, formerly of the Redbird family. The chefs have collaborated to create a 3 course family style menu with dishes from Chef Brandon’s national bestselling cookbook Make It Fancy and dessert by Redbird Pastry Chef Ligia Rossi. A welcome cocktail and mocktail by Bar Director Tobin Shea will accompany passed hors d’oeuvres. Wine Director Chris Dugan offers a non alcoholic wine pairing as well as a traditional pairing. See menu below…

Chef Brandon first created Sad Papi (@Sad_Papi) and started posting cooking videos to TikTok at the beginning of the pandemic. He had just lost his job as a chef. He’d spent ten years working in the kitchens of some of the top restaurants in Los Angeles—learning all the secrets of the business, understanding how chefs take cooking to the next level and, as the chef says, how to “make it fancy.” By the time his videos started going viral (he has over 2 million followers), his black hoodie, backwards baseball cap, and tattoos had become his signature. Soon after, he was listed among the rising cooking social media stars in The New York Times. Chef Brandon has been featured in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, BBC, Fast Company, and Paper Magazine. He also works closely with brands on partnerships such as Made In Cookware, Hedley & Bennet, and Zwilling. His cookbook Make It Fancy teaches you how to cook like a professional chef and elevate meals in a doable way—all while having fun in the kitchen. Eater called it “One of the best cookbooks of 2024” and Epicurious “One of the most exciting cookbooks of 2024.”

Pre-order a signed copy of Make It Fancy from our friends at Chinatown’s cookbook and culinary shop Now Serving and pick it up at the dinner.

Thursday July 18th in the Redbird Garden, 6:00pm to 10:00pm


SUGAR SNAP PEAS coconut milk, thai basil, spiced cashews
HAMACHI AGUACHILE cucumber, serrano, cilantro oil
CALIFORNIA QUAIL labneh, spiced walnut vinaigrette, apricots, fregola, mint
• •
CRISPY BRANZINO fish sauce caramel, thai herbs, black lime
GRILLED RIB EYE beef and mushroom reduction
ROASTED BABY CARROTS spiced labneh, pistachio dukkah
• • •

250++ per person (includes beverage)


Chef Brandon Skier with Microplane Sad PapiSteak with mushrooms, knife, chef pouring sauceChef Neal Fraser looking serious in apronRoasted carrots with dukkah on green plateRedbird Garden plants, people and string lights

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