Blog Post: Redbird Limited Edition Bourbons – Rare Character + Woodinville

Redbird Limited Edition Bourbons – Rare Character + Woodinville

Bar Director Tobin Shea and team are thrilled to share two new limited edition single barrel select bourbons created specifically for Redbird. Enjoy neat or in one of Mr. Shea’s many cocktails at the bar this holiday season. The bottles are also available for unique holiday gifting (or keeping for yourself), along with our Redbird Cava and Pinot Noir. Learn more about Redbird wines from Wine Director Matt Fosket here.

Famed distiller, Jim Rutlege, formerly of Four Roses and now at Castle and Key, barreled this bourbon 6 years ago. Working at the Old Taylor Distillery in Kentucky, it was one of his first projects on this new adventure. The distillery’s original owner in 1887, Colonel Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr, was a pioneer in inviting visitors to his distillery to experience his process as one would wine at a vineyard. Much of Redbird’s Rare Character comes from that terroir and history, plus the legendary skills of Rutlege. Mr. Shea had the honor of not only visiting with Chef Neal, but collaborating. This bourbon is rich in color with soft, savory notes of pepper and caramel. It tends to stay on the tongue longer with layers of flavor. It is best enjoyed neat or on a rock, but works well in an Old Fashioned, Manhattan or Boulevardier if more bitter flavor additions are preferred. Mr. Shea and team are deeply appreciative of Pablo Moix, a dusty bottle collector, barrel hunter and close industry friend, who originally made this connection of celebrating classic bourbon at its finest happen.

This bourbon was born out of a relationship with our friends at Moët Hennessy. During COVID, most suppliers were not doing barrel programs, but Mr. Shea wanted to diversify Redbird’s single offerings as most at the time were from Kentucky. Woodinville gave inroads to Washington, a favorite state of Wine Director Matt Fosket, who loves pinots from this area. The team as a whole was excited to experience a very different type of terroir influencing bourbon. The outcome, after 6 years in New American Oak barrels, is a spirit with a high level of rye, giving more spice and heat on the finish than its Kentucky counterparts. With more flavor and higher proof, Woodinville works great in Redbird’s classic cocktails like the Kentucky Colonel and Honeysuckle. There are currently a very limited amount of bottles available for purchase.


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