Blog Post: Celebrating Japanese Shochu

Celebrating Japanese Shochu

Join us January 20 – February 19, 2023 for two special cocktails celebrating Japanese Shochu created by Redbird | Vibiana Bar Director Tobin Shea.

The Skyscraper is a refreshing highball that lends itself to a great start to an evening. It truly allows the shochu to be the star. The carbonation helps it further become an aroma angel. The Beach Cruiser integrates shochu as part of a synergy of ingredients all highlighting each other including Japanese rum, coconut, cinnamon and allspice. Its rich umami flavors stand out amongst other tropical ingredients. Both cocktails are available during happy hour and dinner.

Throughout the month enjoy original shochu creations through Jfoodo at other participating bars including our local friends at Death & Co, Thunderbolt, Normandie Club, Wolf & Crane, Big Bar, Kodo and more.


bartender tobin shea smiling

Celebrating Japanese Shochu

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