Blog Post: Outdoor Seating Options, COVID Safety Measures, Rain Plan

Outdoor Seating Options, COVID Safety Measures, Rain Plan

And here we go…again!

We’ve missed you so. We’re all spaced out, in the open air, and ready for you with outdoor seating.

In addition to the Redbird Courtyard, we’ve created two more outdoor dining rooms; the Redbird Garden and the Vibiana Courtyard. Several ways to enjoy the plein air dining we all need right now.

We’ve also changed the way we’re taking reservations and managing service. We are now using Tock. Tock’s ingenious system allows you to reserve a table in whichever outdoor space you prefer and offers us a much more efficient way of communicating with you about your expectations and needs each time you dine with us. We think you’re going to like it as much as we do. Please note availability varies by room, day of the week and weather. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


The Redbird Garden is a true urban oasis quietly nestled in between the Redbird | Vibiana property, the Little Tokyo Library and our residential neighbors in the STOA building. Tables align under an Olive tree canopy with a view of our vegetable garden. Every table has a heater but we recommend bundling up on cooler days and nights. Important to note that the dining area of the garden is covered in fine gravel so choose your shoes with this in mind. Additionally, see rain plan below.

Outdoor Seating Options, COVID Safety Measures, Rain Plan
Reserve the Redbird Garden


The Vibiana Courtyard is now tented. Directly adjacent to Vibiana’s Main Hall – our cathedral-turned-event-venue – the Vibiana Courtyard is lined with Palm and Olive trees.

Outdoor Seating Options, COVID Safety Measures, Rain Plan
Reserve Redbird in the Vibiana Courtyard


The Redbird Courtyard offers open air dining under our retractable roof with views of the Vibiana bell tower and the upper floors and balconies of the rectory building. Heaters and the wood burning fire place keep it warm and cozy on cooler evenings although we do recommend layers just in case. Additionally, see rain plan below.

Outdoor Seating Options, COVID Safety Measures, Rain Plan
Reserve the Redbird Courtyard


Please help us keep our business open, protect our staff and fellow diners by following our simple guidelines.

• Keep your mask on until your food or drinks are served and after finishing it/them.

• Put your mask on whenever a server approaches your table.

• Put your mask on whenever you leave your table.

• Wash or sanitize your hands frequently.

• On-site outdoor seating at a table shall be limited to no more than 6 people in the same party. All people seated at a table should be members of the same household. Mingling between tables is not permitted even if your party is split between 2 tables to adhere to the “no more than 6 guests per table” rule.

• Please be sure to confirm your reservation or cancel when necessary so that we may best manage the flow of guests throughout service.

• Please adhere to the socially distanced areas outside of the restaurant when waiting to check in, pick up food or for valet.

The safety and well-being of our guests and our staff is of the utmost importance. Below are many of the measures we are taking to this end based on the guidelines set forth by the Los Angeles County Department of Health (see their protocol here).

All tables are distanced at least 8 feet apart.

Any and all waiting areas will have sufficient distancing measured out and marked for guest use. Guests are not permitted to consume food or beverage in any waiting areas. Guests must wear face coverings in these areas even if seated.

All front of house staff members are required to wear masks and face shields.

All kitchen staff are required to wear a face covering.

All staff members will wash their hands as much as humanly possible.

Runner and bussers are required to wear gloves.

Every employee will complete a company mandated self screening for symptoms before being permitted to enter the premises for work.

In addition to the masks and face shields our staff members wear, they are required to spend as little time as possible at the tables in order to minimize exposure to guests without face coverings. Please understand we do not mean to be inattentive. Just safe. This is a tough one for all of us.

Service staff will not pour water or wine after the initial pour.

All guests will enter and exit through the Redbird entrance on 2nd Street.

We are not permitted to seat incomplete parties.

We will not be seating in the indoor dining room.

We are not accepting cash for payment.

If you choose to take photos around the property please remain socially distanced from other guests and wear your face covering.

The CDC recommends spending no more than 90 minutes at a table for dinner. We ask that you do not linger once your meal is complete.

Menus will be paperless with access through a QR code. (But if you really prefer, we’ll have a disposable paper menu for you.)

Restroom attendants will be on hand to sanitize the restrooms regularly.

Automatic hand sanitizers will be available throughout the facility.

Doors will be propped open.

Only bussers will bus and only runners will run food.

Tables will not be preset.

Flatware will be rolled in napkins and presented to the table as a whole once guests are seated.


Please be advised, as all of our of dining areas are outdoor and only the Vibiana Courtyard is tented, in the event of rain the Redbird Courtyard and the Redbird Garden will be closed. In the case that you have a reservation in either of these dining rooms and we make the call to close due to rain we will inform you right away. If we have room in the tented Vibiana Courtyard we will happily move you there. If not, we will reschedule your reservation at another convenient time for you.

Please reach out to us at with any questions or concerns.



Mother’s Day Brunch & Dinner | 5.9

Brunch | Saturdays & Sundays 10am-2pm | Returning 5.15*

Weekly Tasting Menus on the Outdoor Upstairs Balconies | Returning soon*

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