Blog Post: The Silk Road Cocktail Collection

The Silk Road Cocktail Collection

Redbird Bar Director Tobin Shea introduced his Silk Road Cocktail Colletion in Summer of 2017. Initially inspired by Chef Neal Fraser’s eclectic approach to cooking and, specifically, the Lamb Belly dish, Shea’s 18 cocktails were concocted with herbs, spices and liqueurs inspired by the stories and flavors along the trade route between China and the capital of the Roman Empire that connected the East and the West during the Ancient and Middle Ages. 

Featuring a Silk Road Passport that was stamped after trying each cocktail in the collection, fully stamped passports earned you a Silk Road Cocktail on us.

In addition, see below for a selection of featured recipes with an even deeper look behind each cocktail, including:

Cat in the Hat

Manchurian Candidate

Ancient Chinese Secret

Turkish Delight

Yes, Siam

Brother’s Keeper

Bar Director Tobin Shea’s Silk Road Cocktail Collection came to an end on April 8th, 2018. For the new You Are Here cocktail collection, click here.

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